We made it into Vertical Slice successfully. AGAIN YAAAAaaayyyyy

Mundane Puzzles are coming along and I think going to be the key to having this game be showecasable. Simple introductary interactions within the VR space, being directed by the cell phone text messages, and linking together to push forward progress by solving them. No professors during demo night are going to get far enough along with the current piano puzzle

Had second Design Review with Boyd, was mostly about talking over the game’s environment/level design/puzzle systems and how to reinforce clear feedback for all of them. Shorter, but still certainly helpful.

Unfortunately this week, we had a major team member health issue where Gill has been mostly out of commission. It proved to be a significant halt in progression considering primarily that these puzzle implementations needed to happen and I am not nearly as familiar with the puzzle wiring coding as she is. Thankfully she seems to be doing better now.

Also these blogs will now be extraordinarily sparse because I have less and less time to write them as production culminates (I didn’t totally just write topic bulletpoints at the time and then go back to edit with a bit more detail while writing the postmortem).