3/4 Mundane Puzzles are all functionally built where the QA testing to solve and play through them is ready. 4th con potentially be cut for time, but currently still looking to continue with it. Lighting a match and then fireplace in VR is way too appealing of an interaction to all of us for it to be dropped just yet.

A lot of cleaning for the Cellphone UI, adding some functionality, generally making the viewing experience more consistent overall/

Had my last Design Review with Wiley about presenting the project with the Capstone presentations coming up. A lot of what to say, what not to say. This felt seriously important to me after psuedo-explaining the game’s background plot after our Vertical slice challenge and it coming off quite sloppy to the room. Mostly I think because the background as complicated as it sounds, felt like a lot of content I could never deliver on with our game. Bemis was correct in his afterward feedback story/narrative really shouldn’t be what we focus on for presentations anyway. Though of course I can’t NOT mention it, especially considering people are going to want to at least have an idea of the set-up context. So much of my speaking with Wiley was how to carry my game at presentations, and a few methods I could employ when organizing and writing down topics like a script.

Had QA for the Mundane puzzles and it let us feel confident about them playing well for demo night. Mostly pushed us to cut off early and keep working. Some of the best motivation along this we got was the light polish work we had started and just HOW many immediate nice differences we feel in the experience because of them. For instance, new hands, new animations, and disappears when grabbing objects.

Also we had this haphazard moment of bugs recorded and is consistently a laughing pick-me-up for all of us each watch.

Next week are the presentations and every night I shiver at the thought of presenting out game on stage.