Week two is wrapping up. Feels weird commenting on the past week while our major work meeting of it is tomorrow, but I suppose that just means next week’s topics start there.

Theme of the week was certainly organization. Mostly taking form in a ton of new documents. Well, the asset and system list along side a slew of design documentation. I’ve had a few lead discussions with Brian and Gill to ensure we’d list every aspect we could think of and then go to list them in priority of soonest needed as well as safest from being cut. Those were easily the most rewarding part week considering I can already see the work being dug into by the artists and programmers. Designer work is a bit more mixed. With our first proper designer meeting I feel tremendously better about being on the same page as a whole with both of them. Meeting went pretty overtime with us just rattling on about everything relevant to the currently intended design. The majority of it was narrative based, considering it’s the biggest root and honestly the most needing development still. Huge chunks of my vision still feel messy when spilling them out to others, but the best part of Mike and David is that they’re much better at transcribing them than I am. So now with that meeting we also have documentation for the core characters, the narrative timeline, and the levels. None of which are near complete but certainly a huge step closer in that direction, which definitely makes me feel better about the game’s design as a whole

Biggest stumble so far I think has been the core project management through pineapple. I’m super grateful to Mike for diving into the Wiki to clean everything up, though task and logging are still a completely other matter. One that I think mostly worked well for us last time because the four of us pretty much knew how to organize and log our own hours (at least eventually). I tried to make a point of establishing how we’ve done it last semester but in the end I can already tell it won’t be that simple with so many more people. Thankfully the majority of our organization comfortably sits in our asset & systems list, so there will always be some reference of what to do no matter what. It took us a bit too long to pull together an actual project plan document with separate sprints and even that is still too loose for me to feel comfortable. I really need to sit down at our next leads meeting to hash it out better.

Last very worthy thing of note, moving the project to Unreal 4.14 (previously 4.13) actually managed to screw up a bit more than we were hoping. Mostly being Brian’s post process shaders, AKA the core of the game aesthetic. There have also some broken puzzles that both Brian and Gill are not respectively trying to fix. Thing is we’ll be able to manage the shaders, but possibly only without using the forward renders which will cut out a lot of nice VR optimization for us. Brian has said he thinks he might be able to figure it out, and I certainly have faith in him though can’t help but always feel a bit antsy while the build is unstable.

I believe that’s mostly it for this past week. Onward to another  Saturday of team development.