About Me

Hey, I’m Brennan.

I’m New Jersey born and was educated about game design/production up in Vermont (as well as Montreal for a bit). I’ve been a nerd playing and toying with games for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed creating and expanding upon any games I could, whether it be video games, board games, TRPGs, or playing pretend back in elementary school. I have a great passion for working out refined designs and crafting interesting and evoking new experiences.

Just recently graduating, I can’t wait to break into the game industry and continue learning through all new development experiences, become a professional in my field, and create awesome new games.

I also love watching film, running D&D as much as I can, and improving what I can on my cooking.


Design Philosophy

+ Recognize the problem, determine intent for solution, design solution, implement, test for feedback, polish.

+ Open and organized lines of communications through all avenues of the development team.

+ Maintain vision, but always acknowledge and collaborate with the team.

+ Always worth trying some innovation.

+ Depth over Size.