We literally only slept and worked all weekend before the presentations. I was up readying the slideshow until the 8am of class where we had a practice presentation for feedback. I practiced several more times and then passed out till 3:45pm (Presentations at 4:30), went and just looked over my slide notes constantly until our team was called to talk. 

Flash-forward through the rest of that night, Demo night the next day, the list of games going forward dropping, thanksgiving break, and the team drafts. 

Dissonance was chosen go forward. I had a great hour and a half of happily exhaling until I realized the networking races were on.

From that night while packing to fly home to the moment Brian and I entered the student organized Pre-draft-draft, I spent so much of my time and energy just speaking with so many peers trying to figure out who wanted to join, who we wanted to join, and how the student run system of talking over all the free agents should function. I was amazed by how much stress I could still accumulate in a single week AFTER my game succeeded to progress through capstone. Naturally just fueled by the fear we wouldn’t have the team members we’d need to actually PUSH forward and best make what we’re aiming to next semester.

That being said, it all worked out swimmingly better than I think most were anticipating. I sleep happy now though knowing the team we have and how confident I feel with all of them.

We also finally chose a team name the night before presenting…
Cosmic Tonic

So I believe it’s worth publishing the newly updated Cosmic Tonic dev-team.

Core Team
Brennan Segarra: Team Lead & Lead Designer
Brian Hahn: Lead Artist
Gill Popson: Lead Programmer
JC Mailhot: Producer
New Members
Mike DeFranco: Co/Level Designer
Jay DeVeer: Artist
Sydney Weber: Artist
Ryan Sobczak: Programmer
Garret Moran: Programmer
David Durmazolu: Audio & Narrative Designer & 2D Artist

Lastly… here is our presentation’s teaser trailer for Dissonance  

BONUS: Brian, Gill, and I at the end of our wits with our final hours before class the day of presentations.