It’s Friday ending the first week of classes and our Senior Production class continues with the weekly development blog requirement, so here I am typing again.

The team in it’s entirety has been communicating through Slack as the semester neared so we all feel relatively familiar. I made a point of surveying their schedule information to then organize it into a calendar. After doing so, I brought it to our first production class so we could all determine the best days and times to meet. It was quickly decided to keep our Saturday early to afternoon full team work meetings, being the biggest and most reliable time slot for all of us. Provided the team is now much bigger, my intention is for us to have each discipline meet at least once throughout the week, as well as one meeting for all the leads to meet and discuss the status of all sections of the team.

As far as the actual development goes, naturally our first work meeting is tomorrow where we all intend to mostly get each new member acquainted with unreal, the project file, and all of our work methodologies. Along with the plans for generally catching them up to speed, I’ve been doing some planning for what our actual first development work will be. For design it is primarily focused on scoping the entire game’s number of levels, timeline of narrative, and depth of puzzle mechanics. Two more designers mean I have much more help to the conversation I previously had mostly in my own head, so I want to make sure the three of us scope it all the best we can. These are my priorities but I’ve also already worked with Brian and Gill to compile the new art asset list and systems needing bug fixing/rewriting respectively.

At this point I’m seriously looking forward to getting back to work on the game. So much to do and actualize in the game. Though I know it’ll slip by fast, it’s so exciting to know we have a whole semester to work on it all with an extended and (so thankfully) enthusiastic team.