Been mostly business as usual once again. Everyone’s set tasks have remained the same as we continued working for another week.

The stand out element being this past Wednesday we entered into Sprint 2. Again these are self imposed deadlines so no real gates are being lifted, it’s mostly for our own work/scope pacing. The notable new parts of our project plan we’re moving into being level and puzzle content implementation and the beginning of our QA testing. Thing is for both of these we need a stable, playable build to work within and unfortunately our deadline for the puzzle API didn’t exactly hit it’s mark. We have it now being tested to get the kinks worked out, but surprise surprise it cannot exactly be tested with the hand code still bugged to hell.

Gill had spent most of the week working our new level streaming structure and only managed some time with the hands. I did explicitly tell her to work them in this order because Brian could not continue working on tech art with the lighting in shambles, but now seeing the dominos of dependencies hit each other I may have decided otherwise knowing the time it’d take. It’s hard to say. I knew we couldn’t implement while this new core systems were being rewritten but it’s starting to press on me that the game is still unplayable and still just as much content as last semster beyond some new art.

With this in mind, I’m going to ensure we have the game playable build this week. Tomorrow’s work meeting is going to have the heavy priority as such, having the API be stable and hands that the player can reliably play with. Even if then old hand code needs to be reverted back to, so be it. Designers need our hands in the project and the system’s list needs some lines to be checked off. Provided tomorrow goes well, I would hope/expect we will have at least one more level and puzzle framework implemented by the end of the week.